sad Christmas

3:09 AM Friday, December 29, 2006

I was actually dreading Christmas this year... because Mom won't be around to turn December into Christmas.

And then the many losses of loved ones by loved ones and loved ones' friends...

Tito Rolly lost his beloved Mom 3 days before Christmas.

Then I had to endure an oxygen-tanked Pyro for Christmas... then awakened 6 hours before he expires by a frantic call from a crying brother... the day before I was supposed to celebrate my first anniversary as a married woman.

My sister, seeking solace by spreading the sad news of her beloved nephew and godson's death, told a friend that Py expired at 10:45 AM of December 27... to which her friend got goosebumps because her boyfriend died that same day... that same time... of leukemia.

My cousin then got news of her friend's 8-month old baby dying from a second heart surgery December 28.

And I found out that a 5-year old niece has to have her heart operated on asap because the hole in it she was born with is now really compromising her health.

And my Mom, all by herself in the US refuse to come home for Py's burial... choosing instead to cope by imagining him still alive and just forever out of sight.

And me... I have to deal with the trauma of watching someone die... and my mind has rather turned it into an exaggeratedly violent, ugly episode that wouldn't go away when I close my eyes.

People here need help and prayers!


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