my new toy...

12:13 PM Wednesday, December 06, 2006

... a clit vibe :)

Bought it last week at Pride Exchange (Nakpil cor Orosa) with much embarrassment... and was disappointed because it's a dull color yellow. And i found it too big for my tastes.

Handling it last night, I couldn't help but feel stupid because i've been describing it as "konti na lang, para nang vibrator but weirdly-shaped" when actually, what i was describing was the friggin' battery compartment pala. Nyahahaha.

But the tickler itself is still bigger than the one I first handled (in an MTC EB years ago, which my friends used mostly to tickle me with).

So anyway, hubs was working late and I was alone and freshly-salt scrubbed so I got it out of its box... and put in batteries.


Twas really weird. In a nice, different way. I won't go into the details of how I used it... but use it I did.


Now, my fingers won't need to get tired anymore... in the odd moments when I want to self-gratify.


I still draw the line on vibes and dildos... for me. I just worship flesh way too much! :)


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