close encounter with the ex kind

1:34 PM Monday, April 02, 2007

Went to Lipa yday with hubs and sis for my godson's 7th birthday. I heard someone mention the complete name of an ex... I think he was trying to make parinig to me. Anyway, sure enough, ex was there and he said hello. I asked if he was just on vacation or if he's in the country for good already, then I introduced him to hubs.

Hubs was like, who was he? I told him, he was an ex. Hubs again was like, 'but you never mentioned him before' and I was like, 'well, I consider him more a fling than an actual someone I had a relationship with'.

Hubs, being the kulit guy he is, teased me about the ex all afternoon. My sister and cousin were a little worried that he was jealous, but he actually just likes teasing me... he also brought up the fact that I kissed my ex (the one who lost a sister) on the cheek. Well, that one WAS weird because I was thinking of hugging him (to comfort him) actually, but I think he thought I meant to beso him so he offered his cheek... and in the flurry of the meeting, I bridged the distance and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Oh anyway, back to the ex from yesterday... I think we were 'on' for only some two months. That was a terrible time for me because some girl fancied him so much, she and her cousins made summer vacations in Lipa a terrible time for me. My college friends also teased me a lot about not really being into good-looking guys (I still think ex wasn't ugly, but he wasn't much to look at talaga). I actually liked him because unlike most of the guys from that barrio, he had a dream. He was a self-supporting college student, very responsible, very grounded. But I think we both got carried away by the teasing...

I can't believe I actually demanded that he write letters... lolz, and he used to fill up pages of complaints about how his fingers are already aching. :D

Then, one summer night... I decided to confront him if he's up to having a relationship. If there ever can be one, then that would be the best break-up ever. It was like, I was counseling him... making him verbalize his thoughts and feelings. I also kept laughing. And I kept reassuring him that we're ok.

And I truly did not hear the sound of hearts breaking... especially my own.

But of course, my ego was a little nicked when not two months after we broke up, I heard he was going steady with the girl who fancied him. They were steadies for a longer time than we were, but mostly because the girl really fancied him :D After they broke up, I heard this girl telling our other friends how sorry she was for being horrible to me.

Ex worked abroad and met someone there. Before marrying that girl, he e-mailed me, apologizing about the past, and sort of apologizing that he's marrying someone else. Weird but I had to reassure him again that am ok and I didn't hold him to any of his promises of love.


I am amazed at how the years have flown... and how silly and melodramatic some of my decisions have been. There's sort of more to my story about this ex, but for that, one has to refer to his best friend.


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