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10:43 AM Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Was absent from work for two days... yesterday, I occupied my afternoon with TV. I'm not sure if it was the latest/current Oprah episode but anyway, it tackled teachers (well into their 20s or early 30s) who engaged in sexual relationships with their students.

One of the guests, a rehabilitating molester, was brave enough to talk about what happened... and how sorry she was. She didn't look bad and I felt myself being sorry for her.

Oprah also had the parents of the boy the molester had sex with. The boy was only 13 when it happened... and the molester was stupid enough to have gotten pregnant. Their child is now 3 years old.

It was pretty evident that the parents are still mad as hell with what happened. The father kept referring to the molester as a RAPIST. And I couldn't blame him... i'd probably do the same if it happened to my child. And it's true, what they said, that the damage is everlasting... for not only was a young boy taken advantage of, he now has a child he has to explain to future girlfriends. Parents (and their daughters) might reject him.

It's not to say that abused kids cannot go on and recover to lead happy lives... after all, a scratched pot still remains a pot, and could still be used... even when it's already broken to pieces (yun nga lang, as pamato na lang... or something like that). But the scars always remain... and not everyone has the grace to stop being a victim.

One other couple came with their son, whose molester is currently in prison. He was also only 13 when he started having a relationship with his teacher... and I think it was about their third time sexually that he was able to experience his first orgasm. Yes, he was that young. Their relationship went on for around 3 months till it was discovered by his parents, who reported it to the police. Much to their son's dismay, another boy came out. This other boy was 'with' the teacher for around 18 months, they started when he was only ELEVEN. The teacher dumped him after finding out he was being friendly with another girl his age.

The rage in the boy, who is probably 16 by now, is still pretty evident. He believed he was loved, and he was betrayed by someone he trusted so much... in such a really bad way.

Oprah commented to the first molester that she is actually very lucky because of the double-standard in the society. Had she been male, she would have gone to prison a longer time... and would be punished harder by society.

The attorney representing the family that came with their son expressed her disappointment with the verdict. Although the molester IS in prison, they feel what she warranted heavier punishment. The attorney further said that if women insist on equal pay for equal work, then they must be subjected to equal time for the same crime.

And abuse, regardless of whether it happened to a boy or a girl... or a grown man or woman, for that matter... is still abuse. The scars it leaves are deep... the impact it leaves on life transcends generations.

I still feel sorry for the molester who was brave enough to guest in the show... but like what Grissom from CSI said... nothing will really be enough to make up for the crime.


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