righting wrongs

4:17 PM Thursday, April 19, 2007

Borne of an ongoing conversation am having with my Berks friends...

Once upon a time, when I was still dating jerks because am curious of them... there was a guy who made me realize one really valuable lesson, that am still struggling to perfect up to this time.

It's righting the right wrong.

He hurt my feelings. Upset, I also hurt his feelings. When he confronted me, all I could come up with to explain what I had done was the fact that he hurt me first. I judged that my offense to him just made us quits, so to speak.

He scolded me like a child. He told me that if he hurt my feelings, I should have told him so... and let him explain and/or apologize. And that hurting his feelings to pay him back for what he did to me wouldn't make us quits. And that being hurt FIRST shouldn't justify hurting him also.

Not only did I not corrent the wrong that was made, I added to it.

Story of our lives, is it not? :)

It's not studying more when your grades are failing.
It's turning to drugs when you have a problem.
It's running away from home after getting a scolding (you had coming).
It's drinking your troubles away.
It's bringing up past conflicts when caught in a lie.
It's philandering when you have marital problems.
It's committing suicide when things aren't going your way.
It's having an abortion after having unprotected sex.
It's giving the cold shoulder treatment when you have communication problems with your partner.
It's not going for a check-up immediately after noticing a lump.
It's pigging out to make up for feelings of emptiness.
It's driving after you've gone drinking.

One can forgive children and teenagers for such stupidity... due to lack of life experience. But adults should know better. And we should do better.

Let's deal first with whatever is going wrong with our life, before courting more disasters. Let's preserve what we do have still: a life, a love, a beloved, a chance, time, our health, our marriage, our relationships, our friends, our future, our sanity, our dignity, our integrity.


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