lest people think...

10:37 AM Thursday, July 12, 2007

... that I don't have a camera anymore (because I still do)

... that I don't know how to use a camera anymore (a little true, lolz, because I can't take decent pictures, kahit group shots)

... that am no longer a cam-whore (because I still am, but my recent pics usually show me with a bungisngis smile)

... that am no longer sexy (well, I don't always feel attractive... and I really don't feel I wield that sexual power I once always had... but I know am sexy! Hubs tells me so! Nyahaha)

Me at six and a half months


I have to take decent pics of me wearing all the maternity clothes i've been buying though... I orginally didn't want to be dressed up like an overgrown girl (you know, with all those laces and bows) but I also can't imagine wearing tights to look chic. I also opted to buy oversized polo blouses instead, so I can still use them when am already breastfeeding... but overall, my wardrobe is one mismatched collection of whatever catches my fancy.

Love the dress am wearing today though... and I think it enhances my aura because guys have been checking out the preggy me all morning.

I have to believe I also sometimes exhibit that wonderful pregnancy glow, demmet! :D


And seriously, I find myself just laughing at how awkward my body has become... I have to half-slide, half-roll just to get off the bed. Now, I really walk like a duck. So taking nudie pics of myself was a half-insane, half-freaky experience, having to 'pose' after setting the timer, and not really knowing what to do with my thousand bulges :D


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