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10:04 PM Saturday, July 28, 2007

I've written about the unfaithful husband. This is the silver lining in that cloud.

I was originally friends with the husband, then he introduced his wife to us. Like what I said, the wife was a very pretty, very charming woman. She's also best friends with the wife of one of my hubby's high school barkada.

And I got to spend time with their three wonderful kids.

Anyway, when the husband was greatly embittered by the unfaithful woman he gave up his family for, he told me that he was trying to win his family back. But it was harder to do because his ex-wife is with someone else now too.

The wife e-mailed me about a week ago and she shared with me a truly wonderful love story.

There was this guy she knew from childhood... that guy's family moved to the US when he was around 11 but their families remained in contact so they grew up still being friends, and very close despite the distance.

They were never involved romantically. But they were close.

The girl met her husband-to-be in high school... he was her first and last boyfriend. They got married a few years after graduating from college. They were married for ten years before the split happened.

The girl/wife told me that she almost didn't marry her husband then... being so confused about her feelings for him, and her feelings for her then bestfriend (who was still living in the US). But she did marry him... and lost her friend in the process. The guy admitted to being so devastated by her marriage to someone else.

So for around ten years... they weren't friends anymore.

And then the divorce happened. Girl is living with her kids in Las Vegas and picking up the pieces of her family life. News of her divorce reached her childhood friend through mutual friends... and he left his life in New York without batting an eyelash, to move to Las Vegas.

He never married, you see.

And the kids? They have grown so fond of him that they refer to him as "Dad".

And the girl? Giddy with happiness.


And the ex-husband? Back with the girl.

He called me the other day to solicit help in verifying his girlfriend's story (that involves her colleague, who is one of the many engineers under my hubby's supervision). Hubby refused to check the story out because he hates the girl for making work harder for him... and he doesn't want us involved in their drama.

In a way, I am not surprised he's back with the girl. I could detect from our conversations before that he was just angry and hurt, but he hasn't learned his lesson... nor has he any amount of self-preservation left in him.

(Oh.... but he says he intends to fool around while being with this girl, and that he'd learn to let her go while being with her)

It's that sad.

What's even sadder is him trying to borrow money from his ex-wife... because of a P1M financial problem that his ex-wife doesn't know how he could have acquired.

He did buy his girlfriend a car (albeit second-hand). And once, he told his son that he doesn't have money to buy him the game he wants... only to be found later on a vacation with the girlfriend. So yes, one can only guess why he's in debt.

What's even saddest?

His kids have stopped calling him Dad and have learned to refer to him by name.


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