Unlike two years ago, where I was among those who were lined up in front of National bookstore at just before 7:00 AM to get my copy of the latest HP book, I got my copy of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at after lunch last Saturday.

And I didn't get to read it till around 9:30 PM that night. It took me around 16 hours to finish the book. And I really couldn't go without sleep and naps and breaks for mealtimes (also, wiwi breaks, hehe). But my unborn cooperated by not kicking and rolling around inside so much (which actually worried me because am used to getting distracted every hour by his frolicking) so I found it easier to get comfortable while reading.

And alas, I shed tears.

Two of the characters I didn't want to die were killed in the battle between Good and Bad Magic. But weirdly enough, because their deaths transpired during the 'war' where too much was going on, I was mostly left shocked and sad.

So ok, revise, revise... I cried more when Dobbey died. And when the Weasleys gathered around George when he got his ear cut off. (partida, I didn't post the names of the other main characters who died!)

It's amazing though how a lot of Potter fans' guesses were right regarding who RAB was (but nobody, I think, got how he did it, right), and Snape's love for Lily, and about Harry being a Horcrux. It just goes to show that a lot have really imbibed the saga and came close to how JK Rowling thinks and feels.

I didn't care if Harry died or not... and I didn't think he will, and fans can rest easy that he didn't.

And am glad that Snape was redeemed... because I actually really like his character :)

Anyway, this last HP book is just really DARK. I think even the sixth book was not enough preparation for how dark this book is... and i'd like to say that JK didn't disappoint all. The transitions in every chapter were just perfect. And eventhough many have guessed right about a lot of things, JK proved again how masterfully she can weave these ideas into a magical tale.

Basta, that was my biggest fear... that the final book will be anti-climactic (well, the Epilogue was, sort of). But it soooo was not. It was engaging and gripping and heartbreaking.

In fact, the 5th book (Order of the Phoenix) is the only imperfect book in the series... I guess because JK was not able to take her time in really writing that one so there's just something not-so-smooth about its telling.

I can't wait for the movie too... wondering how the war will be translated into film.

And it is kinda sad that this saga has ended. But i'm glad that it happened in my time... and that I enjoyed the journey.


I'd be re-reading the series starting on Book 1 so i'd be finished before my son, who will be named after a character from the series, is born.


The reason my fascination over Harry Potter had to take a backseat was because we celebrated Pyro's birthday.


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