p.s. i love you

1:54 PM Friday, September 28, 2007

P.S. I Love You is written by the very pretty Cecelia Ahern (Ireland's Prime Minister's daughter, I think). It's a tale of how a young husband who died from cancer left his wife a list of things to do to help her cope with his passing.

It's a CHICK read... but I must say it has its moments (much preferable really than the Shopaholic sh!t series). And ok, ok... I love Brit/irish authors. And ok, I am fascinated by death.

So reading the book has made me appreciate my husband much, much more... I can't, for the life of me, imagine a world anymore without him... so my heart really goes out to all those who have lost their soulmates and bestfriends in the person of their spouse...

Anyway, they made it into a movie... and may I just say, with such a powerhouse cast! Am not so thrilled actually to learn that Hilary Swank is playing the heroine (always thinking she's too masculine) but she is an Oscar winner twice over... and though I haven't watched the movie 300, I seriously doubt I won't drool and melt over Gerard Butler :)

And who doesn't love Kathy Bates and Lisa Kudrow???

And my gosh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny from Grey's Anatomy)!!! I think he'd have made a better Daniel character than Harry Connick Jr. (mainly because he's mastered that quiet, intense, piercing, soulful look that just makes you melt in his arms).

Ok fine... I have got to stop drooling :D

But I really hope the movie turns out great. It's showing in December abroad so we might get it sometime in January pa, given the usual Christmas Filmfest.


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