getting a postal ID, paying taxes

11:16 PM Friday, December 14, 2007

... because the Philpost's website isn't really that helpful... then i'll be more helpful.

Anyway... the postal ID is a good ID to have if you're unemployed because it's considered a valid ID and is recognized in important transactions (such as banking). I'm sure not everyone will apply for a passport and not everyone will own a driver's license anyway :)

What to do:

1) Go to the Post Office and go to room 214 (where you'll climb this old staircase and reach a mezanine full of rooms) to secure a form.

2) Return with the duly accomplished form (by duly accomplished I mean you've filled it up and also got your Barangay Chairman to vouch for you by signing it).

3) Supposedly, additional requirements include a photocopy of the barangay chairman's ID as well as other valid IDs (company, driver's, voter's) or pertinent document (birth or marriage certificate). Our chairman says they don't photocopy his ID and instead just issue a barangay clearance. Anyway, the Post Office accepts barangay clearances. I also gave a photocopy of my marriage certificate.

4) Pay attention to the picture requirement. When they say 'no digital picture', they really mean it. I ended up spending P75 getting my 2x2 picture taken at Fujifilm, only to pay P80 more to the man 'holding office' at 214 (better ask where you can get your picture taken when getting the form to save yourself the bother, the man's studio is just within that mezanine). As in your picture has got to have film. I got my picture taken when I submitted the application form with my requirements and he (the photographer) stapled them all together for me with a note where my name was written.

5) Proceed to window 237 (it's just near the entrance) to pay P265 (which includes notarization and documentary stamp). This is also where the thumbmarking happens. Get your official receipt.

6) Return the next day between 1-5 PM and go to window 236 to get your Postal ID.

It's actually that easy except for having to get your chairman to sign the form.


Oh and i'd just like to commend the Manila City Hall for having this entire wing (almost) just for paying taxes that's air-conditioned. I paid the real estate tax for our houses yesterday (guys, if you wait till January, I heard you won't get to enjoy the air-conditioning, nor the chairs, because the place will be swarming) and was really happily surprised that it was so easy and hassle-free.

Real Estate Tax is at the farthest side of the room, under the letter 'I'. Cashiers are in front of that 'window'.


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