sad Christmas thoughts

7:41 PM Tuesday, December 25, 2007

At our company's Christmas party, my former colleagues prepared games with minor prizes for the kids... but we were hardpressed getting them to be involved. They were far too busier playing Yahoo games or some other game on the net... or checking out their Friendster accounts. Some didn't even hide that they were turning off their noses on the prizes.

A colleague said it's because they're kids from pretty well-off families... and they're more into virtual worlds. Still, it was sad that they wouldn't play games for fun's sake.

So we adults played instead... and had loads of fun even if the grand prize is only P60 or something.


I didn't have the energy to shop... and with limited funds and an aggravated hate of Christmas crowds, I just really didn't make any attempt to do so. I did ask my cousin and sister to brave the crowds of Divi and buy stuff for loot bags. I decided i'd just give gift certificates to godchildren and loot bags to the rest of the kids.

Hubs and I spent Noche Buena with my nieces and nephews in Lipa. Not one adult bought presents to be unwrapped... except my sister who I pressured to buy something for her goddaughter (because I was feeling guilty for not having gifts to give). So only one child unwrapped something... and the kids looked quite forlorn watching her do it. And since my sister decided to give school things, there was nothing exciting about the gift... nothing Bonita could brag about and nothing the others could check out.

Good thing I had loot bags for them... they had to content themselves blowing bubbles and marvelling at the different candies instead. My sister pleaded with me to promise that i'd have presents for the children next year... no matter how cheap. It's weird but it was kinda unbearable to watch them not doing anything after the Noche Buena feast. And eventhough I gave their parents gift certificates for things they'd really want to have from the department store, it's just not the same.


My little one would never fully appreciate how blessed he is (at least, until he becomes a parent himself, maybe)... and I couldn't help but utter a heartfelt prayer of thanks everytime someone hands us a gift for him. He's only 2.5 months old and already, he's got toys and clothes to last him several months... what's more, he's got a father and mother who are committed to raising him well in love.

... while other kids have to knock on strangers' doors for Christmas loot... and other homes had to celebrate with a parent missing... and other tables are not laden with food.


Meanwhile... it's our first Christmas without Pyro so Christmas didn't feel quite right.


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