i am legend - bigtime spoiler alert

12:35 PM Monday, December 31, 2007

I Am Legend is a 1954 science fiction novel by Richard Matheson. I think the novel was originally set in Los Angeles but the movie starring Will Smith (playing Rovert Neville) was set in New York.

Basically, scientists re-engineered/tampered with the measles virus and turned it into a cure for cancer. But like what some scientists believe, tampering with viruses may result in mutations that we wouldn't be able to address before bringing about a pandemic of sorts first.

It's Resident Evil con Castaway con The Stand.

The movie is a thriller, a good date movie and has lots of moments filled with suspense. To the discerning eye, the graphics are obvious as a people-less New York serves as Will's backdrop. It's also a very fantastic movie that will get to you, and raise questions, loopholes and reflections for the watcher... some of mine include:

1) what was Will's character spraying on his steps? Water or Gasoline? If water, is it because the Darkseekers were 'rabid'? If gasoline, was it to overpower the scent of living things (dog and man?)

2) Was the trap the darkseekers' contraption or Will's? Did they set it up or just positioned the dummy near it to catch Will with his own trap?

3) If they're so intelligent to have caught Will, how could they not have followed him to his hideout before? Or at least narrowed down the area where he might have lived? Is the intelligence required to trap someone more complicated or basic than hunting someone down?

4) Why did the other survivors not come to Will?

5) If Will was immune, would his daughter have been immune as well? Could immunity be passed by a mother thru her breastmilk too?

6) How did the woman survive and travel to Will? Where did they hide?

7) Was Will's house built that way even before, complete with locks and bolts?

8) Why didn't Will have lights in his lab, where he's trying to find a cure for the virus and experimenting with Darkseekers? He's a doctor and soldier, surely he'd have thought to protect himself there too... aside from installing all those lights outside his home?

9) Why weren't the deers infected? Or were they? And who are they running from in daylight?

10) Did the darkseekers ever mated?

11) Did the darkseekers destroy all lights in the City? Couldn't have Will turned some on during the day just to annoy the Darkseekers hunting at night?

I doubt it's going to be a classic... but I still liked the movie. I was left wondering about it hours after I saw it, imagining the same scenario, thinking about how i'd keep sane.

Oh and of course, Will's acting is just superb.


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