not just to visit the Queen

9:59 AM Thursday, December 27, 2007

eyeLondon isn't just to visit the Queen, though the Buckingham Palace should be more than enough reason to. Hotels in London could probably direct you to roads less travelled for not-so-famous adventures, but websites can already give you ideas. The Eye (is it the biggest ferris wheel on earth?) should also make you feel like "the king od the world" for a while, minus the Atlantic sinking.

Staying in Birmingham is a treat if you're a Tolkien fan since you can trace his footsteps where he lived, and maybe see what could have possibly inspired him to write the things he did.

Where to stay in Manchester also shouldn't be a problem but where to go first might be. After all, it has quarters and parks and cathedrals that are must-see's. It also has its own Chinatown for those who will miss their noodles... and a lot of gay or gay-friendly bars for those who would prefer it. Oh, ande may I just say that Manchester has become a dream destination ever since Mike Gayle made moving to the place a big deal in his book, "brand New Friend".

But like what i've said time and time again, when it comes to London, Stonehenge comes first.


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