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1:05 AM Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Generally, am not a Japanese food person. And usually, am a tuna sashimi girl. But right now, i've been on a california maki binge. I just ate eleven of these babies. This one is particularly good, I was surprised that the sprinkling of sesame seeds lended it a richer taste.

I hate some shops that go overboard with the vinegar when they cook the rice.

And yes, I love the mayo they use.


Am also particularly craving crabs. And I was bent on going to Batanes when I found out you can eat coconut crabs there. But the P12k Seair round trip fare (per person) is just too expensive for a time of recession.

But i'm still craving crabs! Crabs cooked in coconut milk with lots of squash. Yum-yum.


  1. fave ko rin ito....sarap!!!


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