Where is the Gas?

12:59 PM Thursday, January 29, 2009


Suddenly I want to be living in Lipa where houses have dirty kitchens with tungkos (cooking stations using logs and sticks for kindling) because there just isn't any gas (LPG) to be bought here in Manila!


Our electric bill is sure to soar, what with having to boil water for two babies' baths and sterilizing their things. And I hate being unable to find the plug for the rice cooker. We're down to one tank of gas which will last us one week at best.


And I can't help but panic... and believe that powers that be ARE hoarding the tanks to sell them at higher prices. I know there isn't any gas crisis right now because gas prices are being lowered again! It may be a crude deduction but surely they'd be increasing the prices if there really is a shortage.

We can't cook using charcoal where we live! It would cost riots in the neighborhood if all the washing ends up with soot. And buying food from carinderias and restaurants IS costing us already.


My head aches.

Gas! Where are you?!

And just when i'm into cooking too!!!


  1. eh di mec, napapa "Oh My Gas!" ka na lang? :P


  2. I did hear about the LPG shortage, I hope it doesn't get much worse.

    Hang in there!


  3. I've seen the news (TV Patrol) abt the shortage, grabe...I'm sure itinatago lang ng mga kawatang negosyante ang supply. tsk.


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