Not a Fan of Barack

10:55 AM Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm not a fan of Barack Obama, maybe because I really don't know much about his politics, and mostly because he seemed more like a mascot of a representative than a true beacon of hope to me.

But his journey has just begun, as a President.

And I wouldn't mind being wrong about not being in love with him already right now.

However, I am aware of WHO he has become for the people, not just the Americans, but everybody else. In him lies a hope that mankind has indeed walked its first step towards a greater tolerance for differences. So I wish his government well.

And if he really has the backbone to make the tough decisions just so we'd all walk a straighter, more righteous, more considerate path again... well then, the better for us.

I wish him well. And his family well. The hope of their nation lies in their shoulders.

And I wish America well. It would be stupid not to, knowing how other nations depend on it, are affected by it. I should like to see morality and a great sense of family go back to their dictionary.


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