Sympathetic Puker

8:29 PM Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I am one.

Heaven help me, no matter how much I love the one doing it, and no matter the circumstance, when someone heaves... I heave with him.

When my Mom was recovering from the anesthesia after a tonsillectomy, all those times that Pyro vomited from his chemo treatments, and especially now that my son seems to have gastroenteritis... I retch and heave and feel nauseous and my stomach feels clammy and keeps turning and I feel faint.

I'm a sympathetic puker.

Heaven help me.


  1. I hope your little boy feels better soon. Take care.


  2. eep! Hope Yakee feels better soon.

    Your post just reminded me of our Christmas trip to California. My nephew, still suffering from a bout with the stomach flu, threw up three times during our trip. Sa restaurant pa yun ah and thankfully, I have good timing because I happened to be in the restroom during those times so I missed seeing him retch. Unfortunately, can't say the same for hubby. He witnessed the entire thing and still seem traumatized.

    poor guys (nephew, hubby & all the other restaurant patrons who bore witness to the scenes).


  3. That is no fun at all :(

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