The Greater Loss

12:08 AM Monday, September 28, 2009

It took me Sunday afternoon before I had load for my SMART number. My SUN phone lost it's signal around 6 PM yesterday and hubby's GLOBE lost its signal around 9 PM last night. So it was only several hours ago that I had means to text friends and ask how they fared in the Ondoy tragedy.

My heart is currently breaking for my former officemate. They lived in Antipolo and their home was one of those that experienced a flash flood (you know, where water just comes from nowhere and before you can even pick up anything or think of what to do, it's already higher than your knee, your waist, or it has engulfed your first floor already).

Unfortunately, her mother must have been so surprised and stressed that she had a heart attack. They couldn't bring her to the hospital because they were stuck home because of the flood. Her mother died that Saturday and it was only 5 PM of Sunday that they managed to get her out of their village.

I cannot imagine how it must have been for them. To have your precious things ruined, to have your beloved home unsafe, to be at the mercy of the elements, and then to hold someone you really love and not be able to help them. I can't imagine how many times their loss was multiplied by not being able to get medical help, by being stuck at home with their dead for hours, unsure when they can even do the decent rituals for someone they love.

I ask for prayers for them. If it's not too much, and if you have a Facebook account, please leave her a kind message here.


Let's also pray for others who have lost family and friends because of Ondoy. Let's also pray extra for those whose loved ones died because they were helping save other lives.

And let's pray that the death toll stops soon... that diseases and hunger would not
take more lives in the aftermath of this really vicious tragedy.


Meanwhile, let's also pray and thank God that we have been spared...


  1. it's really sad....:-(


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