Kitakits for Kuya Rich

5:46 PM Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I've known the FAD people for over a decade. They're one of my oldest friends and they knew me when I was still an enraged, confused teener. We lost touch over the years as each one pursued careers and family life.

But last Saturday, some of us managed to make time for one of our own. Ya Rich has been battling with a serious kidney disease for over two years now so we met up to cheer him up and let him know we're there for him.

Twas a riot reminiscing about old times, how we still crave for the pancit miki bihon we used to buy before, the old love teams, the old boo-boos, the things we did for the NGO that made us friends. We gossiped and caught up with news and info. I finally confirmed for them that one of us was already gay even back then :D

Anyway, i'll be seeing them again this December... hopefully with more pics and better food :)


  1. I love those wall hangings? Are they fabrics, quilt, or what are they? They are fabulous.

    Photo Cache

  2. those are different woven mats... i loved them too :)


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