If We Were Spared, Let Us Now Help

3:29 PM Monday, September 28, 2009

7-11 stores have been opened as drop off points for donations (people need clothes! and we don't need that many shirts!!!).

Schools and Churches are all accepting donations as well, or need volunteers to help repack the donations.

And everyone can donate money. This is a good resource site on how to donate to the Philippine Red Cross. Even people abroad can donate via Paypal.

Let's give guys. Every little thing counts.

I already did. It's my birthday gift to myself.


Mail & More, FedEx & Air21 outlets r now accepting donations. For locations please call 8794789 or log on to www.mailandmore.com.ph.


STARBUCKS NOW ACCEPTS DONATIONS FOR TYPHOON ONDOY! The ff. donations are welcome: blankets, rice, bottled water, instant noodles.


List of other official help sites and lines.


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