It Sucks to be a Female Patient

4:52 PM Wednesday, September 09, 2009

One with a sex life too!

Well see, my back started being more of a pain than usual yesterday. Bad enough for me to feel numb and weak and dizzy when I carry Yakee. So hubs insisted on me going for a check-up today. I braved rains to do so.

Anyway, the interview with the HMO doctor left much to be desired. She wasn't even interested in my activities that could have led to the back pain (are you engaged in strenuous activities? did you carry anything heavy lately? what's your sleeping position? had too much sex? have you been gaining weight?). She just non-chalantly wrote a prescription for pain reliever and an order for urinalysis and x-ray.

But the thing is, I am a day delayed. I actually don't feel am preggy and i've been irregular every now and then. But they think it's still too early for me to get a pregnancy test and any suspicion that I may be preggy trumps the need for the x-ray.

And no, my darling doctor didn't ask about the possibility of me being preggy. To her, I was just a person, not a female patient, who requires a different approach, maybve even diferent medicines.


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