FSL Christmas Party

3:08 PM Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Okay, this was held last December 19 but it was crazy after that so am only having the time to post about it now. Just finished uploading pics yesterday :D

Food was ordered from Amber's Best Restaurant (famous for its pichi-pichi), entertainment was provided by us students, prizes for the games were provided by Ms. Pam and I, fun was provided by everybody!

I forgot what I got as exchange gift though, but I gave away Human Heart Nature products. We got some Deaf students to teach as the Christmas alphabet in sign language but we ended up dancing "All I Want for Christmas" instead.

pichi goodness

FSL 2 doing the Christmas alphabet instead

FSL 1 dancing to "All I Want for Christmas Is You"

FSL 3 are Single Ladies :D

Deaf teachers explaining the rules of the game

charade without fingerspelling, signs and voice

bubble gum contest pax

happy tired people

Teacher Pam is Deaf but her daughter is hearing. Then there are two among us who are hearing parents with Deaf kids. Anyway, our graduation is on january 16 and I intend to bake cookies as a contribution. really love learning Filipino Sign Language!!!


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