Pyro Paramdam

1:47 PM Sunday, January 24, 2010

My cousin who recently passed the NCLEX in the US credits his passing partly to Pyro. He told me he was feeling lost in all the questions already when he started calling on our departed. When he got to Pyro, he suddenly felt cold air sweep over him. He silently told Py that all he was asking for is help, and that Py shouldn't scare him, hehe.

He went for a break to wash his face and returned to finish his exams. Again, he called on our departed and when he reached Py's name again, there was that cold air again and he felt something lightly slam on his face. Then he had goosebumps. Then he prayed and told Py that he believes Py is his angel. Then he continued and finished taking the exams... and he passed.

He failed the first time he tried.

I told this to my SIL and she said that her sister still hears her kids talking to Py, which scares her. Sometimes, she'd hear her kids asking Py to wait, that yes, they're going to visit his grave. I don't know if they really still feel his presence or that's their way of still adjusting to his death. But Py has been gone 3 years now and his cousins have grown up, they're not kids age 3-5 anymore so I can't entirely chalk it up to imagination still.

Anyway, SIL had Py's brother's hair cut and my cousin told me she remembers that's how Py's hair looked when he was recovering from his first surgery.

Three years have gone and we have generally moved on, but I guess somehow, a part of all of us will be stuck in the year 2006.


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