Owning a home is a about a lot more than just paying a mortgage. It's about becoming a part of the community and making your house an accurate representation of who you are and the best way to do that is make it look good. And that starts with the front lawn. The front lawn is the first thing people see and it is the first thing people are greeted to as they arrive at your place. If the quality of your front lawn matters to you then you might want to consider bermuda grass.

If you don't think you've seen Bermuda before, think again. You see it everywhere. It is a favorite grass of sports fields and golf courses. The reason for this is it is known to withstand heavy traffic and certainly having sports played upon it would make it necessary to have a tough and resistant grass in place.

This makes for a great lawn grass as in a neighborhood filled with kids there is a high risk of your front lawn getting trampled and it is necessary to have a grass to withstand that. Another reason it makes such a good grass for your lawn is because it holds up well even in less than ideal weather conditions. You know that most grasses do well in warm and temperate weather but many don't live in ideal weather.

Not only does Bermuda do well in colder temperatures but it is also draught resistant. This helps two fold. It helps if an area goes a significant amount of time without any rainfall but it also works if you, as a lawn owner simply do not have the time to water your grass as much as you'd like.

There are a lot of lawn choices out there but Bermuda just makes the most sense.


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