Is It Physiological?

4:56 PM Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I was reading this article about a blonde woman saving girls from a life of prostitution somewhere in Romania. I was aghast at the grim reality of how some girls would be kidnapped and locked up in a room, where they will end up servicing truck drivers.

Then of course it reminded me of the movie Taken (Liam Neeson) which also greatly bothered me. Everywhere, women are being preyed upon in the sex trade business. And everywhere, men are paying top money to get pleasured or to inflict themselves upon drugged girls, virgin girls, actual girls.

Sometimes, I have thought that women who make sex workers of themselves (as high class escorts) are empowered. But then such articles remind me that there is no actual empowerment when others end up enslaved by the same principle. Sure, it's rather nice to have the influential power of a courtesan, but only how many of those who get paid for sex actually enjoy the sexual act? How many are actually enriched by it? And they can't ever say that they're not doing anything wrong if they're hurting relationships and other women, or perpetrating the trade that enslaves so many girls all over the world.

One of the pains I can never imagine really is that of being abused sexually. How much more to have to sleep with strangers who do awful things to you, who smell and talk awful, and not even have anything to show for it after since the pay goes to your handlers.

What's even atrocious is that these men, because they paid for you (and some syndicates don't exactly require high fees), treat you with a sense of entitlement for that hour or two, expecting you to be as dirty as you can be, as low as you can be, as servile as you can be... for them.

I feel like I want to barf just thinking about this. But my mind goes back to my title... my question. Is it physiological... this capacity of men to separate themselves from anything that is with compassion and dignity, and sleep with obviously captive girls? Girls. Girls who are as old as their sister or daughter. Girls. Girls who can just as easily be their sister, their daughter.

You're a truck driver doing long hauls. Maybe you are underpaid. Maybe you are tired. But how can you sleep with a girl who probably has serviced your comrades before you and will service other guys you know after you? How?

How can you pay to have sex with a comatose patient? How can you stomach doing a girl that is on the verge of a drug overdose? How can you stomach doing it with a child?

The sex trade will continue fluorishing because the demand has always been there. White slavery will always be a social ill because men everywhere are able to compartmentalize so well, they fail to see the human being in who they pay for.

And these men... these men are our fathers, brothers, husbands. Well yeah, I don't think my father, brother and husband actually belong to the same breed... but they are somebody's father, brother and husband.



The shameful thing about all this is, I don't think I can ever be the kind of person helping such women. I'd be too devastated and traumatized by their plight, their stories. And that's really, really sad... that not many are brave enough to really rescue these little girls.


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