If you want a swimming pool but you don't want the expense, size, or permanency of an in-ground pool, an above ground pool could be just the thing for your family. For a smaller investment you can get a pool that will last many years, providing hours of fun for family and friends.

Above ground pools are not flimsy little wading pools. They are built of sturdy materials, designed to withstand active children and teens. They can be very simple or very attractive in design. When making your purchase there are several things to consider.

How big a pool do you need? A fairly small round pool may be satisfactory if you have a small family and don't plan to entertain. If you want to have pool parties, plan on a big pool. If you want to swim laps, a long oval pool is a better choice than a round one.

Study and measure the location you intend to put the pool. You don't want to buy a pool that doesn't fit in the spot you planned for it. Are there trees nearby that should be taken out before they grow too big and hang over your pool? To avoid tracking in grass and dirt, plan for extra space for a deck around the pool.

In some areas it is required by law to have a fence around a pool, and it is a good safety measure. You may also want to consider a portable ladder that you can put away to keep small children from climbing over the sides.

Know what comes with your kit. Some are complete; others require accessories or chemicals. Know what you are getting and plan ahead for additional supplies if needed. Make sure you know the length and scope of the warranty. Get the best pool you can afford and look forward to hours of swimming fun!


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