Big Bad Blogger Hoopla

1:44 AM Monday, January 24, 2011

I was surprised to see texts to me asking who the Big Bad Blogger was. I had no idea why there's suddenly a Big Bad Blogger (since I know for a fact that there are tons of them haha) so despite lacking sleep, I had to go online and find out.

I can't say I'm shocked about who the blogger is and the PR company involved, nor the lengths they've gone through just to generate income... I am surprised though at how lucrative the blogging business has become and how more of the bloggers I know who are pleading for decency among bloggers are actually, well, paid hands.

Then again, that's just more hypocrisy for you. But at least, this is out now so maybe the sharks will lie low for a few months before putting pressure on businesses again. The blogger wars and issues has just gotten bigger.

Meanwhile, I sort of pity BBB because bloggers everywhere are looking for him and he might be cyber lynched if enough evidence are given to identify him. I pity him because he's not alone... there are a lot of other blogggers like him. And they are both perpetrators to and victims by the PR companies and desperate/corrupt businesses. After all, no blogger wakes up thinking he or she can just ask for P8k per positive blog post.


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