Games of Chance

11:57 PM Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hubs and I were talking about playing poker and what-not, and how he used to play all day in college, not really because he was addicted to gambling. He was more hooked on the social thrill of beating other guys up. He also told me what one of the people working for Resorts World says about their casinos: in principle, it really isn't different from an all night videoke, or going dancing, or going to a girlie bar or even shopping, watching movies or dining out. You spend money to be entertained.

It made me remember all those basketball betting boys and men used to do when it's basketball finals and Ginebra is competing. It made the games all the more fun and competitive for them, and then there's the chance of winning some cash. Am not sure if there's much sports betting being done now. All I see nowadays are men hooked on horse races and am not sure if that's considered a sport.

Games of chance. They are actually fun for the thrill, and maybe if you're winning. It's just really bad if a person starts pinning his hopes and dreams for that one in a million possibility of a big win.


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