Erratic Weather, New Diseases?

9:55 AM Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am not really monitoring the news but I have heard of the flooding in Saudi Arabia. There are other countries getting flooded, I know, and our country has several areas flooded since December. Then, it's 11 degree Centigrade cold in Baguio. And negative 18 degrees in Detroit. Everywhere, the weather is either unusual or extreme.

Could this possibly lead to newer diseases? I'm just assuming that mosquitoes, for example, will get more resistant and develop an immunity that will affect their bites. Plus, there's always that rat poop in floods that can lead to deaths. These two can easily lead to bloodstream infection that weakens a body fast and is slow to respond to drugs.

And what of the allergic rhinitis, asthma and colds that behoove us all since late November? I am currently taking antibiotics for sinusitis that's giving me headaches for the past few days. I've been nasal dripping, sniffing, coughing for a month! Ewww.

I know there are many institutions fighting new diseases and infections everyday but am sure the weather ain't helping them.

Selfishly though, does this mean our summer will be mild? Because I still have nightmares over how hot it was last year. I know I was pregnant then but the heat was just really unmageable.


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