Cousin Wants Scrubs

7:00 AM Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My cousin, who just recently found a better paying job in a bigger hospital in Detroit, has asked my Mom to buy some navy blue scrubs for him at Bangbang. Just like my uncle before, he is unhappy about the nursing uniforms he finds in the US because of the material and make.

My Mom has checked out scrub uniforms sold in Divisoria because she was also planning to buy some for her caregiving work but didn't like the bold styles there. I explained that those in Divi are mostly scrubs for helpers and nannies and not really nursing ones. So, now she really has to go to Sta. Cruz.

I know some Filipinos in the US make a business of buying and selling scrubs to their peers because those offered there really leave much to be desired. I guess this means, we don't only export health care providers but also dress health care providers abroad as well.


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