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11:06 AM Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The weirdest thing... early Monday morning, I was having a bad dream.

In the dream, my friend (Fuz) and I together with another guy got off this cab, only the cab was black in the dream, and without the usual markings of a taxi cab. My friend managed to get his hand caught in the door... and the cab was fast running away. The other guy with us kept on running and knocking on the driver's door, signalling that my friend was trapped. I was just standing there, watching him getting dragged. But the driver refused to stop somehow...

Finally, the cabbie stopped and went out. My friend was able to set himself free and they of course, were too angry to manage self-control. They went after the driver, and the driver tried to get away. I then snatched the keys and the cab's engine died down.

It was a bad dream because the scene where my friend was being dragged kept replaying... and since he's so dear to me, I couldn't help but be horrified.

Then I woke up. And I wondered what time it was. And then I heard someone miscalling me from my cell. And after a minute or two, my alarm set for 4:00 AM woke the rest of my roommates up.

I checked my cell... and the one who was calling was the one I was dreaming of. Seems he was asleep and then woke up. And then he just decided to make paramdam.


Wonder if this was a super delayed reaction of my unconscious to the fact that I saw an FX hit a little boy last Friday... and a van hit a dog last Saturday. Still, it was too much of a coincidence... it was creepy.


Something that can only happen to me...

I found out I only had some P170 left in my wallet while we were at Baguio. Guess I binged on choco flakes and pomelo-buying, I lost track of my wallet's contents. I tried withdrawing money, only to have P2,000 debited from my account.

Of course I was maddeningly upset... I still had to buy dinner and i'd need money for taxi fare from Pasay-Edsa. I bought some food from Jollibee... only to hit a WET PAINT sign on SM Baguio's lawn. I came crashing down on the grass, and down on my food. I even managed to destroy the sign, and get several bruises on my legs and feet... enough for me to find myself limping until today. My left foot also swelled some.

To think I managed to come back from my Sagada Trip safe and bruise-free.

I found myself dining on a cheesedog sandwich instead... while silent tears threatened to bring me to a breakdown. I mean... at that last hour in Baguio, I managed to trip several times and feel oh-so-poor... haaayyy... it was crazy!

I even had to swallow my pride and take up JRA's offer to fetch me. Fetch me he did... with matching hot water bottles for my foot... and hot soup and siopao for my stomach.

He urged me to borrow money earlier from my mountaineer friends... but am one arrogant, full-of-pride b!tch, he also knew I wouldn't. And he spent more than an hour worrying over how hungry I possibly was...

He's sweet... I know... am tickled pink!


Pyro refuses to play with anything else except Jack jack, this wind-up toy from McDo Happy Meals... and it's supposed to be MINE. Sigh... my baby is fast growing up... soon, i'd be competing for white chocolates with him, I just know it.


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