9:54 AM Thursday, November 11, 2004

Please pray for Prana Escalante, who was missing for over two weeks and then found dead early this morning by Mangyan natives. My other sentiments on the matter can be read here.


Please also try to watch Magpakailanman tonight... the episode will tackle my elementary/high school friend Anton's life story.

He used to say he had a crush on my hair back in Grade 6, when I wore it curly (who knew that fast forward to 3 more years, he'd have a crush on my JS prom date?). He was also the one who sang the Lord's Prayer in that Mass after we won the EDSA Revolution. :)


I am uninspired to really post... aside from going crazy balancing my finances (we already got our Christmas bonuses), I find that I still don't have enough to pay all my bills (insurance plans mostly), loans (from that trip I took last June) and buy myself a brand new cellphone. Sigh.

I'm all kinds of horny though, so it must mean I'm happy despite feeling the economic crunch on my pockets.

I'm all kinds of excited too... for tomorrow, I go to Sagada with friends. Please pray for a safe journey, and good weather. Please also leave your e-mail addies in the comment box if you want to view the pictures i'd be taking. Ahehehe... But of course, i'd document that trip in my camping blog. I'm just excited because the weather there is soooo nippy... and because i'd get to see Sumaguing Cave sans the Holy Week crowd... and because I have a better digicam now than the first time I went there. And yes, I know, am babbling...

Life is good... and yes, I do need cash.


Malls are teeming with shoppers already, and I hate crowds. I can only tolerate crowds in concerts... and maybe, rallies.


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