9:08 AM Tuesday, November 23, 2004

1. an 8 megapixel but handy digica, preferably, a canon one...
2. a canon 3ccd digital camcorder
3. a PC upgrade at home, and a photoshop software installed in it, and a hunky tutor to help me learn it
4. unlimited massages/home service by Gloria
5. new clothes, new shoes, more lipsticks
6. a weekend getaway with ____
7. a week's stay in Boracay
8. a week's stay in Florida
9. a trip to Belgium and Switzerland with a sponsored shopping spree of all their choc shops
9. a week's stay in Coron
10. a Donsol trip to watch whales
11. to finally use my handcuffs, and get it videotaped
12. more sex toys
13. a whole slew of new camping/backpacking gear
14. get laid at least 3 times a week
15. get laid for a straight 12 hours each time
16. a new camera phone
17. new funky jewelries in white and rose gold
18. a pamamanhikan
19. around $77 million
20. a condo of my own, and a crv or x-trail (not that i know how to drive or whatever) of my own
21. for my cousin not to name her daughter Maurisha
22. for my family to be healthily complete and present on my wedding, whenever thazt will be, and no matter what happens
23. a lifetime supply of rocky mountain mogul
24. to be ten pounds lighter esply arnd my waist
25. lots of new undies/lingerie/naughty get up


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