2:17 PM Thursday, November 04, 2004

perhaps borne from a need to not dwell on our friend's loss, and help cheer her up... or just an inherent inability to be sad and sober (my friend actually relished all the times we made her laugh last night, and told us she knows her husband was with us, and enjoying the freaky sh!t we keep coming up with) for the whole time we're together in one place...

my widowed friend asked our White Bird-owner friend to come up with a price list for the men in our gang...

you can just imagine the wealth of info and the tons of laughter her professional and objective assessment we got/had...

other general things i can share with you:
1) guys who have tummies and have lotsa body/facial hair can still sell well... as long as they're mestizo
2) moreno guys would have to dance on stage, to attract more clients. and really moreno guys would have to bare all just to attract clients (it seems GROs, matronas and gay clients favor mestizos); one other thing, these guys are the ones who roam the area, and these guys are the ones who get handbags hung from their... err.. uhmm.. poles (nyahaha... i can't exactly blush, sigh)
3) the young and good-looking ones need not dance on stage anymore, and their drinks are more expensive, because their market value is high...
4) the really good-looking ones who are young get to wear the ala-Mulawin White Bird costume
5) a guy can earn up to Php30k, working only for some 15 nights, just dancing and drinking/flirting/making small talk with clients in the bar (please note, they are GROs and not pros)
6) female GROs from neighboring bars go to White Bird to spend the money they get from clients

My guy pal, aware of the going rate for pros and GROs retaliated with his own estimates for us girls...

Here's mine... ahehehe

deli - the prima dona in bed. likes to be pampered, served and serves it up as well. wants it rough, but usually slow and easy with lots of panting and huge energy expenditure. marathoners and triathletes most defintely welcome.

exotic dancer (but available for take out after her set to lessen her energy level) - 1,500.00 an hour minimum 6 hour engagement - hourly rate is low because of high minimum time booking.



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