2:39 PM Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I've discovered two blogs. One was of a former friend... the one who didn't think to confront me with why she suddenly cut me off from her life and allowed me to explain, defend or apologize.

And the other one is of a former love/lover/friend. The one I tried waiting for to come around for like two years before I decided to just let him be.

And they're both doing well... Honestly, I actually worried about them. But they're both doing well and seem happy... and I think I can finally let go of the remaining vestiges of concern for them. Of course, i'd forever want only the good things for them because in my heart of hearts, i'd forever love them both for all the times we were friends. It's just nice not to fret about them anymore... :)


Friends... please say a prayer for a man named Clancy who joined our Maker last night. There was not enough time to really know him, but it's enough that he loved my friend and embraced her family.

I cannot imagine how trying this must be for my friend, and I cannot help but wonder how she can take time out to thank her friends for all the prayers and moral support we offered for them... I cannot imagine the pain she's in right now... and so, please also say a silent prayer for her... that she may find peace and continue to love.

(there are no words to also say how this has been badly affecting me, what issues it has raised for me... in me... but the long and short of it all remains to be... that life is short, and time is all we have to give to those we love)


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