8:06 AM Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Last Monday, my cousins, sister and I went to Divi... we braved the pouring rain and semi-flooded streets and got ourselves really wet. But we had fun anyway. I bought 3 blouses, where only one fit me nicely... I bought my sis this white flirty skirt, and we already said we'd borrow the belt that came with it. I bought this Itsumo skirt (for those who don't know, it's this denim, schoolgirl type of skirt with studs and pleats, and which you wear with funky belts) and of course, since I couldn't fit it at the bangketa, I had to find out at home that the belt was actually too small for my hips.

Alas... I am reminded of how, I could never really wear hipster pants and chunky chain belts.

But the trip to Divi was a blast. I can't remember the last time I went there... and because it was Divi, my purchases actually came cheap.


We didn't know that while we were having fun, and gabbing about Christmas and shopping some more one of these days... that some Tagalog provinces were being ravaged by Winnie.

And it cannot help but sadden me that some 300 people are dead... and the multiplier effect of Winnie's rampage on these provinces will surely bring about depression/demoralization among my countrymen (especially those who lost homes, industries and family members), but also disease for those who are temporarily seeking shelter with other families in schools or local hotels. This would surely affect the price of rice since Nueva Ecija was badly hit. And then of course, the government would have to subsidize these families for a while... and those generous of heart who would donate food and clothing would find that some donations they gave went straight to someone else's house/pockets.

It's sad, when Christmas is really upon us...


And then I get to thinking, we're still better off than most of Africa... a continent ravaged everyday by AIDS. It's World AIDS Day today, and am sure concerned sectors would be taking a moment to count the lives they've lost to this disease... and am sure, Africans would be the ones mourning the most...

After all, they're already a severely challenged lot... always lacking enough food and water... always subjected to killer bugs and bites... and now, watching those they depend on to rise from poverty and oppression, yound adults who have had some form of education, die alongside their young.... every day...

May hope never leave them... and may charity always find those who can help...


I bought it in college
loved its design
but then you came into my life
its purpose, you modified

your letters were kept there
all your sketches too
it was what i picked up
when i was missing you

it remained sacred
even after we lost touch
knowing i wasn't losing
nor misplacing your letters
was enough

and while it gathered dust
its contents remained sacrosanct
and even when GOODBYE was decided
and LETTING GO a seeming must
on my bedroom wall, they stayed
i valued you that much

but then, the love affair
has truly ended
and i needed a bigger bag
am now using it for a higher purpose
it now contains my lesson plans

and your letters are now
tucked away in some other box


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