pre-Christmas rants and raves

8:24 AM Thursday, December 16, 2004

Finally, finally, finally...

I've managed to buy everyone in the family (Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, 2 cousins and 1 maid) a gift, except for Pyro. But JRA (his Ninong) has already bought Pyro this yellow bath robe, and i already bought him 3 sets of pangbahay, and he's literally been taking over all house space so I do not feel guilty that I haven't bought him new toys or what-nots.

I also bought cups for all nieces and nephews closest to me... plastic/melaware (?) ones which can stand the wear and tear kids usually bring upon everything. And of course, I bought them cutie shirts and dresses. Ela asked her Mom for new clothes for her Christmas Party at school, and so her Mom asked me (she and the man who fathered the baby she's carrying right now are both jobless, and my cousin was his typical NR self, though I heard his wife bought Ela new shoes).

I also went to another DIVI trip last Sunday. I was advised that the cheapest toys could be found at the Divisoria Mall... just off Tabora (where you buy souvenir items for debuts, christenings and weddings). I managed to get pretty picture frames for P20 each... already had them wrapped as token gifts for my colleagues (they were already making parinig that if I make cheesecake, they'd really love to be getting one each... because that's what i've done for two years now, with cathedral windows... what can i say, they love my desserts!).

I don't know why, maybe because it's because of the insurance plans and the new phone I intend to buy... but I've never felt soooo poor during Christmas. Thank heavens talaga for DIVI.

I also bought glow sticks (P70 per tube, 50 glow sticks all in all, with connectors in case kids want to wear them as bracelets) and more bubbles (this time, I bought the simple dip-and-blow ones, P25 for 12 bottles). I didn't really buy much but it's just so nice marvelling at how cheap things are over there.

Now, all I need are candies for the goodie bags... my sis and cousins have been pestering me about grocery shopping for the candies so they can pack them already... Oh, maybe tonight...


Our Christmas tree (a new one) is already laden with lots of balls and bells and flowers and ribbons, all of which, Pyro keeps trying to pull off. He insists on Christmas lights being turned on... even in the middle of the day... and would happily watch the blinking lights while saying over and over.. "WOW!"

Gifts are also already wrapped and nestled under the tree... and now, we're mostly concerned with what to cook for Noche Buena and Christmas Day.

Ate Gang says she'd just cook chicken nuggets instead of the usual fried chicken, esply since i've already managed to find and buy cumin. We'd probably cook carbonara instead of spaghetti.

My sis and I insist that Mom makes hot cocoa and sotanghon soup for Noche Buena, since that's basically what we only eat during those times. My bro eats half of the Christmas ham... so basically, those things are must-haves. Mom has asked me to buy Hershey's chocolate. Hmmpf... I wonder why I gave her gift checks when i'm still the one grocery shopping.

And then, Mom springs a wish on me... that she was kinda hoping we'd just have seafood for Noche Buena... cooked the sweet-spicy way like what we ate at Seaside. She asked me how much crabs and prawns cooked that way would cost... And so now, I gave her till the weekend to decide if she really wants that so we can order (and so I can find money...). Hayy, goodness... and of course, i'd want to give her that for Christmas!!!


An internet/mountaineer friend's Dad needed blood. 16 bags of blood. Our friends have already gone to Medical City to donate, and I was hoping I could the same this weekend.

I already told them of the uncanny way of events conspiring to never give me the chance to give blood. They said, I should just go to Red Cross, where they'd get blood from me and give me a card, which I can hand over to whoever needs one.

I said, i'd keep that in mind. And I guess, i'd do that in around 6 months time.

Because I friggin' need to take antibiotics again for really infected sinuses and throat.

I hate life...


For the Pinoys who know of that TIDE (?) commercial wherein a boy says he always gets chosen (to recite, to perform, to solve problems on the board) because of his really clean shirt...

Everytime that commercial is aired...

Pyro would say... "Aka, aka"

Our neighbor Andy would say... "Ato, ato"



What happened to my Christmas Wish List? Nothing yet... howell...

Am poor, am stressed, i'd be broke, i'm sick, i'm sleepy (work hours is now 7 am - 4 pm)... but i'm so looking forward to Christmas!!!


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