9:00 AM Monday, December 27, 2004

Still sick!!!

Just when I thought, I was going to be OK... I had another allergic rhinitis attack... which lasted for at least 3 days...

And just when I thought there's relief, finally, in sight... my throat started feeling sore again.

Even no-drowse antihistamines make me feel drugged...

Ergo, I haven't really enjoyed Christmas food :(


I hope everyone else is having a merry time...


Let's all pray for those affected by the earthquake that hit South Asia.


This much I know... if you buy Quail Eggs from the Bus station in Buendia, and started eating them right at the beginning of Star Tollway in Sto. Tomas (Calabarzon), you'd just have enough time to pop the last egg in your mouth when you get to the Lipa Exit of the tollway... that's 6 eggs all in all, methinks :D


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