weekend before Christmas...

7:45 AM Monday, December 20, 2004

... found me sick.

Actually, I wasn't dying, that much I know... but I suspected throat and sinus infection, and true enough, I was proven correct...

by this really cool doctor I found holding office in one of those medical buildings in front of PGH (I don't want to rant anymore about our company's sh!tty health card and how some doctors do not even have the decency to call their office to say WHAT TIME they're actually coming to work, IF ever they really still intend to...)

SO... anyway, he's an ENT who's also a cosmetic surgeon. And he's gay. And he's my first ever gay doctor and he was soooo cool. I just assumed of course that he's gay, despite his muscled 6 feet plus frame... because he was wearing his hair up to his shoulders, and he talks and moves like one. We didn't exactly discuss his sexual orientation.

He was dressed casually, and he invited me to an office with these high, funky, yellow chairs and asked me to sit down. One wall was filled with the usual diplomas and certificates of training, one wall was filled with sketches and black and white tasteful pictures of nude women, and another wall was filled with picture frames (in solid red, blue, green and yellow colors) with photos of him with friends and families in various trips. His walls were painted green and blue. I commented on how nice his office was, particularly the wall with the multitude of pictures from ceiling to floor... and he said he was the one who painted his office.

Aside from his clinic not being typical... he fully explained to my addled brain what I have to do, and why. He also drew pictures of my nose, ears, and throat to point out to me which parts were swollen/infected, which were a-ok, and also gave me a card and encouraged me to text him if what he prescribed wasn't working. He encouraged questions, he assured me I didn't have polyps, etc.

The catch, he charged me Php500. But still, it's seldom that you actually like going to a doctor and you leave him feeling psychologically/emotionally better because he actually made you smile and feel good.

Oh, I have sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis concomittant with my allergic rhinitis (?). And of course, I was mostly sleeping all weekend.


I haven't blogged about him really for a loooong time now... Anyway, suffice it to say that he's fast growing up and wreaking more and more havoc in the house, and onto himself. His knees are often scabbed... mainly because he kept on picking on his wounds. He keeps on tripping and falling and bumping everywhere.

But some things haven't changed... we still gather around him a lot, and clap at his accomplishments. He can now say "Ninang", much to my sister's delight. Of course, he also calls his Ninong, Ninang. Same way that he doesn't call any guy Tito, and calls the rest of us Tita. Same way that he calls my Mom, Lola... but cannot call my Dad Lolo. He even calls everyone Mommy, even his Dad. Yes, this boy is being raised by WOMEN.. but he's a boy through and through...

He still likes raiding our closets, and making a mess in our room. He still doesn't really love milk, and doesn't like anything chocolate. He still doesn't know how to properly crawl, even though he already runs very fast. He still insists upon our UNdivided attention... and we're all still quick to come to him whenever we hear him whimper in his sleep. Sigh...

Ang Batang Naglalandi sa Ilalim ng Kulambo


I was fit enough to go to Mass at least yesterday, and I decided to bring the little tyke with me and JRA. My sister had to come along too, in case Pyro decides to like... need a diaper change.

He loved the fountain at Paco Park. And he discovered that if he babbles a syllable loud enough, he can enjoy an echo inside the Church. I suspect, he just made us SIN by bringing him along, for we couldn't really concentrate on the Mass... what with my sister or JRA having to run outside with him when he's getting TOO DELIGHTED with his echo... and having him keep going back inside the Church once he's outside. He's one-and-a-half... we can't exactly shush him... or prevent him from smiling up at other ladies who would, in turn, find him irresistible.

Heck, even a girl his age started cooing at him happily... and surprisingly enough, that made him quiet.

This is him with his super loving Ninang... later on, he managed to trip two people at Rob Place... none of us got to enjoy our Jollibee dinners (he could identify Jollibee already, mumbling JABI and slapping the statue everytime he can).

Needless to say, he made me vow to bring him along again... when he's already 5 or so. I sometimes wish he'd be the type to just play under tables while we eat our meals... but then again, that wouldn't be PYRO.


kitakits na lang sa Pinoybloggers' Christmas Party at Cabalen, SM Mega Mall, Dec 30, 7 pm onwards...


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