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8:17 AM Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Somebody kept calling and calling and calling and calling us last night at home. Turned out, some girl was harassing my sister. Our maid pretended to be her, and this late-night caller told her to stop fooling and hurting Hal, my sister's boyfriend.

My sis was irritated but she also found it weirdly funny. She wasn't being unfaithful to her boyfriend, but she says she's tired of girls calling her out of the blue, to be rude to her, to plead with her, or to remind her to be good to Hal, or else.

My sis of course texted her boyfriend, trying to pick a fight with him, already blaming him for this unknown girl who KNEW our landline, and who was obviously not anyone she knows.

She gets that a lot, girls calling her boyfriend's cell even while they're attending Mass... girls in love with her boyfriend...

Girls have always been in love with her boyfriends... once, she even had to break up with this yummy guy because the girl he impregnated, a Sta. Isabel achiever, used to abuse her... not that she knew some girl out there was pregnant with her boyfriend's child...

And I kept laughing last night while she told me of the other girls who are still in love with her boyfriend... what a weird thing to have in common.

For I, too, have experienced wives, past girlfriends, feeling girlfriends calling me and trying to abuse me just because the guy they're obssessed with is treating them like shit. Sometimes, I even get really confused because it would seem, some guy had told some girl that he's in a relationship with me... even if I wasn't...

So, for the record, I've only been in a relationship with guys named: Zaldy, Alvin, Vincent, Neil and Jojo (JRA)...ok?

And the only men I really, really loved are named Alvin, Francis and Jojo (JRA) ok? (Not that I didn't shed tears over many... i'm a crybaby!!!)

And goodness gracious, I can't think of a more shameless display of affection. The most stupid thing i've done in the name of love/crush/fleeting fancy... is call a guy up and make him into a phone pal... and that's way back in elementary and high school.

Sure, i'd admit to slum notes and dedication books too... and stalking my crushes, being just in the right place at the right time when they'd be passing by... sure, I went through that awful phase of pretending not to be affected by someone's presence, while also simultaneously getting people (and dancing with guys I don't like) to take pictures of my crush for me... And yes, ok, I admit to stealing their ID pics from the student affairs office...

But again, all those in high school!!!

And now... it's evolved to petty text fights and the cold shoulder treatment.

Was anyone unfaithful to me? YES!!! But I didn't go harassing the girl even if she was blatantly flirting with him right under my nose... I just keep breaking up with the guy. Sure, we'd sometimes get back together... But i've never made a spectacle of myself.

And sure i've been hurt... but if I was going to be irrational, i was mostly irrational with my arguments... with the guy. Actually, at the slightest suspicion that I just might not be wanted, I immediately confront the guy and give him his ticket out. If truth be told, I suspect i've had break ups which weren't planned at all, but I managed to drive them up a wall and they couldn't think anymore of what else to do. They didn't intend or planned a break up... but it happens anyway.

But at least I don't go running after those b!tches who had to find their mates the insecure and bumbling way.

In fact, I don't even get to badmouth them... and I'm the one who got harassed by my replacements. And am just left speechless at times at their audacity... and grand stupidity.

Anyway, yes, am just rambling... but isn't it just really silly and pointless to be confronting someone you're not in a relationship with? And isn't it beyond stupid to NOT be confronting your guy first? And what the hell is your problem if you're not actually this guy's girl... what business is it of yours to be calling up some girl in the middle of the night, just to project to her all your insecurities?

Some girl who, although she may care for the man you're after, would drop him like a hot potato the minute she intuits that he is being unfaithful?

I love my sister... i'd have killed her if she didn't take after me... and became one of those pathetic losers disguised as a woman-in-love...



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