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8:21 AM Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I was checking my mails when my boss, Len, who's come back from retirement maternity leave turned to me and said... "Kwento ko na sayo... hmmm, si Chino (3rd child, youngest son) kasi me assignment na magre-recite daw sila ng bugtong. Eh si Abbie (2 month old baby) sinusumpong nung isang gabi so nakalimutan ko na yung assignment ni Chino. Kagabi nagkwento na lang sya na sya daw yung last tinawag..."

LEN: Eh anong ginawa mo?

CHINO: Eh di gumawa na lang ako ng bugtong!

LEN: Anong bugtong mo?

CHINO: marami...!!!

Isang Prinsepe, nakatago sa baso (tubig)

Isang pulang kabayo, nagagalit (apoy)

Akala mo kapatid mo, ikaw naman pala (salamin)

Pag nakatalikod, babae. pag nakaharap, lalake (Intsik na lalaking mahaba ang buhok)

LEN: (dismayed) Eh... anong sabi ni teacher?

CHINO: Wala.. pina-recite lang kami tas dapat hulaan ng classmates namin.

LEN: Eh... meron bang nakahula ng bugtong mo?

CHINO: Wala!!! Yung mga classmates ko nga, pare-pareho mga bugtong eh... ako lang walang kapareho!

(Chino is in Grade 1)


My bro brought Pyro his first squeaking pair of sandals last night. And the tot couldn't be denied walking and stomping and jumping about, filled with glee that every step produces noise.

He greeted my sister by calling her name... "Grace"

We ask him who my Mom is... he answers "Carmen"

We ask him who my Dad is... he answer "Lolo Indo" (and yes, he can pronounce the words as is)

We ask him who I am... he answers Tita. He can't pronounce my name and nicknames. But he can pronounce SEXY :)

He calls his Tita Tin... unfortunately... Ti-Ti :D

And then last night I heard him pre-empt the telenovela's theme song by singing... "Diba....ahhhh... ahhh" (diba, ako'y tao lang na nadadarang....)


Happy birthday Jay-jay. May you find GLORIA all kinds of weonderful too. Ahihi...


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