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2:53 PM Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Blogging has brought so many interesting, lovable, wise people into my life. Some of them, I already really love because their blogs have been a source of daily inspiration.

One of them has even played a small but very defining part in my lovelife.

And now, I am amazed to be part of a BLOGKADA, composed mostly of people a lot older than I am, who seem as young as I am (or younger even) at heart.

Every (week)day fills me with excitement as I connect with them in SOC ways as we tackle feminity, mortality, decency, apathy and family.

Every day brings with it belly laughs from wacky, doctored photographs to insane hirets.

Every day also brings with it serious topics to really ponder on...

Sometimes, some of us even shed tears as we tackle motherhood and loss, sickness and vivid memories of growing up.

One would think that blogs are already personal... and yet we managed to get more personal.

And it fills me with this warm sense of security that I am accepted and liked for who I am, in the same way that everyone acknowledges each other's similarities and differences... each other's pet peeves and limitations... each other's issues and battles and quirks and idiosyncracies.

And i look forward to more... of them. Come April, the Queen of Pansitan and Mr. Spidey will both be here in the country... and it's sure going to be one great laughfest.

And foodfest.

I cannot wait...

Meanwhile, I hope you have read my Blogkadahan ENTRY.


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