he's growing up...

9:32 AM Monday, March 07, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen he goes over his Bible book and sees this picture of an angel... he starts chanting... Ha-luyah, ha-luyah.

He calls JRA Ni-nong, Dodo

He greets my cousin Tin... Tita Ek Ek? (Tin's bf is named Eric)

He hums, sings that "Shine, shine... shampoo commercial with a jingle sang by Regine.

He now has a concept of moo-moo and ipis, things he's scared of.

He says Bok-bok and immediately puts out his tongue and starts panting. (Bokbok is my Dad's dog)

He calls our neighbor Andy, Dugong

He now claims ownership... Aken!!!

He now can support himself by saying Engeeee... or pabi-le

When he passes by any of Jollibee's pictures, no matter how small, he goes Ja-bi. And when he sees this yellow arch, he says, Mak-Do.

He can identify fish... and prefers paksiw na tulingan. He says hus for horses, and calls carabaos kaw-bao.

All hotdog-shaped pillows are unan.

He even has this song with words going like, ang buhay, pabili, sabi, sabi, pabili.

He already reports kagat... even lies about it now, when he's asking for attention...

And i've forgotten all the other words that he's been saying and attached meanings to.

And he's just really so darn talkative now... and you can see from his expression how absorbed he is when making kwento to you...

We can even ask him to throw garbage now... and we can ask him to share food... and finally, he's easier to coax into drinking milk now...

And he still generally sleeps thru the night...

Sniff, and he's really fast growing up now, I can't stop myself from hugging him tight sometimes...

(and of course, to say that his verbal capacity is way above than what can be normally expected from a one-year and eight-month old child will be very much an understatement... and yes, am one proud AUNT)


I shall miss my students.


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