a mourning dad

9:37 AM Monday, March 14, 2005

and so you weep
for an unborn child
who, in the first place
you did not want
yet, you loved him
and dreamed
dreams for him
in the midst of
all the confusion
and unpreparedness
God must have thought it better
to give you more time
to prepare yourself
for His gift
i believe He loved you
and your child, so much
that He postponed for a while
your meeting
but you, my darling
blamed yourself
for what was unplanned
and your very human reaction
to a thing unknown
and you shed tears
and mourn
for what never was
and never could be
you ache
longing for his little hands
to reach out to yours
yearning for his cries
and laughter
but, things are just
as it should be
the short span of life
that he lived
was all that it took
to bring you God's message
of love...

You, who was scared
and who fretted years ago
can do this
are made for this!
you never needed to question
your capacity to care
and nurture
and give
for...like that unborn child
that haunts you
You too were made in His love
You too are on your way to
changing a life...

Parenthood will come soon...

Mec 5-04-2001


I had intended to blog about something else today...

Then again, i'd like to dedicate the poem I made above to Julian's Mom and my wonderful friend G, who has suffered losses I can never hope to comprehend... and I pray, I may never have to go through.

I originally made the poem for JRA (and we're celebrating our ANNIVERSARY today), who I know will forever love that first child he didn't ever get to know... or hold in his arms.


Incidentally, it's my Dad's birthday today too... and I love him and I know he loves us, and I can never be thankful enough to have had a man like him for a father.


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