I already forgot which blog I passed by that contained a similar entry... anyway, watching the reality show has preoccupied me since the Holidays...

For this season, am rooting for the old married couple... and the gay couple. Gosh, I love them!!!

And heaven help me, that Rob guy is sooo annoying!

Oh, Oh, but I digress...

1. I am not an adventurous eater.

2. There's a strong possibility that I would want to stop and take pictures of the sceneries, the animals, the local people...

3. I cannot, for the life of me, swim.

4. I am so bad with directions.

5. I am bad with map reading.

6. I have this habit of drinking a lot. And having to piss a lot. I have this fear of being dehydrated.

7. I can be real quick-tempered.

8. I am not really competitive. Or rather, I would compete but I'd get bothered if someone I like is losing. Chances are, I might even give way.

9. I am too proud to ask strangers for money.

10. When in Europe, I am 100% sure to stop for white chocolate shopping. Ergo, I would spend all our money.

11. I am not always patient.

12. Travelling to different countries will likely trigger my allergies.


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