could have been worse

9:18 AM Tuesday, October 04, 2005

... but it was bad.

Actually, my birthday couldn't have been better... but some things happened that also made me wish it wasn't my birthday.

First, my bestfriend is hurting. And I have no idea how to comfort him. I've gotten used to him being my emo crutch for so long, always looking out after me, always listening to my rants, always assuring me that bad times will pass. And now, i'm not exactly sure how to reach out to him and really help... esply since he seldom volunteers information, especially about personal problems. I'm just so sad that he's sad and am just praying he'd be happy again.

But yes, I assured him am just around... in case he needs me.

He's sweet... he gave me one of my 7 cakes and was the first to greet me HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday (apart from JRA of course, who I was still making kulit with at the stroke of midnight).

Second, Pyro is confined at the Metropolitan Hospital right now due to pneumonia. We're hoping he'd respond to antibiotics otherwise they have to do something more drastic.

I don't even want to dwell on the fact that we're all so bothered by this and that i want to change his pediatrician... and his father. I know kids get sick but this one could have been checked early at least.

I'm sure he's going to be ok now. I'm HOPING he's going to be ok. I'm WILLING him to be ok.

And I don't want to cry because my brother and sister have both already shed tears (actually, my brother couldn't stand watching Py get 6 different needles (?) attached to him while pleading "Tama Na Po!"). I don't want to sound OA and melodramatic but we just really love that kid!

Prayers for him will be really appreciated.


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