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2:45 PM Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Was absent from work since Wednesday.

Wednesday, I was just too sick to go to work because of allergies aggravated by the government's austerity measures (turning the a/c on and off at certain times to 'save' on electricity).

Thursday, Pyro got re-admitted for his chemo treatment.

Friday, I was just too exhausted.

Saturday, attended a wedding.

Sunday, relieved cousin in the hospital.

Monday, attended a healing rally by Father Corsie for Pyro.


A guy privately messages me in MTC:

"HI, i'm arthur, from laguna
age 30. married with 3 kids. looking for fun.

how about you?"

I reply:

"Oh yeah? Maybe you should take your kids to Avilon Zoo"



Speaking of which, I did go to Avilon Zoo just recently.


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