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1:51 PM Friday, October 14, 2005

My birthday last week resulted in really great gifts :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMy sister knew i've been wanting a green bag for the green shoes I want to buy. Well, I still have yet to see green shoes I really like. But I love the bag and appreciate the fact that Rez wanted to give me something more special for my birthday, it being the last birthday i'll have as a single woman. Before, she used to just give me white chocolates.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIn preparation for my digicam upgrade, JRA bought me this from HK. I guess it's really going to be a conjugal property, but it still tickles me pink to be suddenly having all these gadgets. And it makes me feel closer to my dream cam :D

Yes, I still have yet to learn to use the shooting modes in my cam but...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Speaking of gadgets, this one i've been really loving ever since I got it. It's not an IPod but I don't really care. It's 512 mb of music and mostly, it contains Dawson's Creek songs and dance hits from the 90s. When am feeling sleepless or travelling long hours to Quezon Ave, it's what keeps me company.

And JRA was thoughtful enough to include 12 GP batteries that last for 12 hours each. *Happiness*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com But of course, the favorite gift is this Anna Sui perfume :) It's vanilla scent is sooo sweet and sooo fresh and mild. The instruction is to wear this scent on my wedding day :)

Unfortunately for me (who still has several bottles of different vanilla perfumes/colognes), it works so well with my pheromones that I become more attractive to insects. Ahehe.


By the way, I got the 7 cakes before my birthday, and got another cake on the day of my birthday.

I wouldn't post the remaing four anymore because visitors have been getting diabetes just by looking at the pics :D


Sunday before my birthday, had college barkada have dinner at my home. We were missing one in the peer group but we still had lost of fun catching up with each other and reminsicing about what things we used to crazily do (like cook 10 pancit cantons for us 5, and then let them make me eat half of it because the otehr two would eat crackers instead).

It was like we're that young again... falling easily into former roles and laughing just as easily at each other's jokes.

I sooo love ABWB :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Allee, Jerry, Me and Bhing


I've decided to take control and be a little happier here again. The thing I didn't want to do (create a separate blog just for Py) seemed the wiser thing to do now. I want some sort of separation from the pain Py's sickness is bringing into our lives to the other aspects of my life.

I also think it's better if I document the ups and downs of his confinement, his struggle, his fight in a separate blog where others may even learn... or get support for their own troubles.

IN TIMES OF PAIN, writing has always given me some solace.


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