1:21 PM Thursday, November 03, 2005

Am sure a lot of people have heard already that there is such a thing as a Make-A-Wish Foundation. And I know there is a Philippine counterpart to this American original.

Mainly, we'd catch features of kids with cancer who have always dreamed to go to Disneyland, or a beach, or the zoo... and the foundation realizes such dreams for them.

Usually, big time companies and celebrities would honor and sponsor such requests too, bringing joy to a sick person's life.

Anyway, not many would know that Hortaleza Beauty Center (HBC) has given the phrase Make-A-Wish a slightly new meaning...

My friend Carol, who works at their HR, goes through dozens of letters monthly... letters from HBC employees who have a wish they want fulfilled. HBC's management has been gracious enough to allot funds for around 3 wishes to be granted monthly. My friend says it's usually a request for computers, be it for a younger sister or a cousin or a nephew. Otehr requests include fine dining for the whole family.

Not necessarily grand, expensive things, yes... but HBC's heart is certainly in the right place, opting to make their employees just a little happier. True, if they could extend help to others, why not to the people who move them?

Hopefully, other companies would follow suit.


Meanwhile, I have three important wishes for today.

First, may God grant my friend Laura some solace today, her late husband's first death anniversary, and that may she continue living and loving just as passionately.

Second, may my friend Allee recover from her operation without complications. She's been in the OR all morning and it's hard not to be worried for her and her new husband, Jay.

Third, may Pyro's check-up yield good tidings of positive reaction to his chemo treatment... and that his heart, kidneys and liver stay strong to fight for his lung.


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