I hated it.

Ooohhh... I was realistic about not everything being included in the movie (otherwise it's going to require some 3 movies!) and things being tweaked a little to make the movie able to stand on its own (as a movie that's part of a series).

But wtf were they thinking, messing up with Dumbledore's character?


Where was his calm, his quiet command of people's respect and attention?

Why was he violent and agitated and twitchy like a ferret?


And because Dumbledore is such a large part of Harry Potter...and seeing him portrayed like that... I hated the movie.

I'd have been able to forgive the fact that Mad Eye was porky, or that Madame Maxime was not... or that there was no reference to the Triwizard winnings (crucial to the Weasley twins' confidence in the next book to leave Hogwarts).. or there was no Molly Weasley anywhere... or that Harry worked the Gryffindor common room with his egg... or that Hermione seemed flighty... or the lack of information as to why Ron, Hermione and Cho were put to sleep under the lake... or that both Cho and Fleur disappointed where looks are concerned... etc

But Dumbledore acting like he was Mad Eye... grrr talaga!!!!

aside: the writers and director seemed to be in love with the Weasley twins however, giving them additional lines and tricks to do in the movie...

But ok... Ralph Fiennes was PERFECT. He oozed madness and charm and his voice was just right.

The woman who played Rita Skeeter was also delightful.


re-read the GoF book before watching the movie. Also finished re-reading HBP.

For more nitpicking, click here.


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